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Uplifting, insightful lyrics and electronic grooves combine to make Aradia Electropop’s rising star.

Aradia’s music has been described as a mixture of Ellie Goulding, Florence + The Machine & with a pinch of Grimes’ cutting-edge sound. Her observational songwriting comes together with her electronic production style, creating songs that make you want to move your body, as well as your mind.

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“Her sound is unique, and this comes through with Aradia’s love for a variety of different genres of music. With deep and intellectual lyrics, the talented artist ‘writes as she speaks, in a simple and observational style’. Throw in some electronica beats and grooves, and you’ve got the successful sound of Aradia.”
    -Damn That’s Epic
“To know you is to love you. Finally, I get that expression. I may love this project, but more importantly, I just can’t imagine anyone hating it; there’s just too much talent and beauty here.”
    -Germar Derron | Look To The Cookie
“Citizen Of Earth blends new wave, rock and trip hop into eleven deliciously evocative, optative tracks. Aradia’s unique delivery evokes a plethora of emotions while, at the same time, flooding your mind with countless image-intense longings… if only … if only.”
    -Stephen L. Robbins | Surf Rock Music

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