Uplifting, insightful lyrics and electronic grooves combine to make Aradia Electropop’s rising star.

Aradia’s music has been described as a mixture of Ellie Goulding, Florence + The Machine & with a pinch of Grimes’ cutting-edge sound. Her observational songwriting comes together with her electronic production style, creating songs that make you want to move your body, as well as your mind.


“Her sound is unique, and this comes through with Aradia’s love for a variety of different genres of music. With deep and intellectual lyrics, the talented artist ‘writes as she speaks, in a simple and observational style’. Throw in some electronica beats and grooves, and you’ve got the successful sound of Aradia.”

-Damn That’s Epic

“To know you is to love you. Finally, I get that expression. I may love this project, but more importantly, I just can’t imagine anyone hating it; there’s just too much talent and beauty here.”

-Germar Derron | Look To The Cookie

“Citizen Of Earth blends new wave, rock and trip hop into eleven deliciously evocative, optative tracks. Aradia’s unique delivery evokes a plethora of emotions while, at the same time, flooding your mind with countless image-intense longings… if only … if only.”

-Stephen L. Robbins | Surf Rock Music


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