Music and Musings

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I’m not one of the cool kids. I’m just an introvert who’s spent years studying how humans interact so that I could master it, and I can’t say I’ve gotten very far on that front, though I did learn an awful lot. And, connecting with others is largely what my life is about. I do that through my music and my writing, and for me there’s nothing like sharing something meaningful with or inspiring others.

I have many unpopular opinions, I philosophize about most subjects & pontificate on some. I have unconventional beliefs and not much of a filter. I don’t understand most things about what humans do to one another, themselves, the planet, and the other things living on it. But I do see beauty and wonder in almost everything, somehow. And I find humor in almost everything, and create fun whenever I can.

I muse on the journey of being a musician in today’s world and on random topics & experiences I encounter along the way. Sometimes I’ll just share stuff I’ve learned that can help others – whether it’s lifehacking, or beauty tips, or specifically about being in entertainment. In case you’re one of the people who might be interested, you can read my thoughts here. Welcome—and thanks for coming.

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