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For a limited time, you can get your hands on 3 songs that are not available anywhere, for free. As a fellow Citizen of Earth, I’m giving you a glimpse into songs I won’t be sharing with anyone else.

As one reviewer from Look to the Cookie wrote, “This is like the dance/electronic version of hip-hop’s mix tape, but with professional production, and much better mixing and mastering. She sings in a variety of styles–well. [Aradia’s music] sounds like a trip through time, and around the world, and without feeling contrived or “appropriating.”

As mentioned on “…And speaking of “On Fire”, it brings together not just her some of Lady Gaga’s vibe but also channels—get this—a bit of Imogen Heap. Aren’t those two names you never would have expected to appear together? Then again, this is a track about the joy of being empowered – something both have in common.”

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