The virtual dancehall that is the world of electronic music is a crowded and disparate place, full of talents great and small. Those who stand out in the mayhem are those with electric talents and eclectic personalities. One or the other will usually suffice, but occasionally someone comes along with both.

Meet Aradia. She has both.profile_2016

With the playfulness of Grimes, the introspection of Florence Welch and the cheeky observational attitude of Lily Allen, Aradia brings something with originality and depth to the world of electropop.

In the tradition of the few female artists she can be likened to, Aradia composes & records her own music. She makes her own beats and works hard to create soundscapes that blend pop, tropical house and hardcore electronica. But don’t expect lo-fi music from this songstress. Aradia is every bit the professional she set out to be, and her music is polished and well-produced. Not to mention her voice. It’s iconic; the kind that makes people stop what they’re doing to find out who that voice is coming from.

Her talent is born from a lifetime of studying & performing music. Born in the New York City metropolitan area, Aradia eventually enrolled in the Aaron Copland School of Music. Disaffected with the petty politics of the classical music world, Aradia dropped out and launched her efforts to make music on her own terms. After a sojourn to Seattle where she fine-tuned her craft and her sound, Aradia has landed in Los Angeles and is performing regularly while recording her upcoming album. She released a full-length album, Citizen of Earth in 2014, and 2 songs from the album were nominated for an HMMA Award. Aradia was also featured in Music Connection’s Hot Unsigned Independent Artists lists of 2014 & 2015.

And don’t be fooled by the futurist attire—Aradia’s not another Gaga and she’s not wearing haute couture. A powerhouse of independence and creativity, she also designs and makes her own show & photo shoot costumes, as well as the graphics for her websites and albums.

So while other artists dabbling or diving into electronic sounds struggle to marry the principals of technology and real life, Aradia carves up reality into musical packets and serves them hot and fresh to all comers. Her ability to illuminate moments large and small is distinctive, and she can bloody well knock you on your ass with her powerful arrangements or her voice. Aradia’s music isn’t a whim or a fad; it’s a life-altering experience.