Happiness & Fulfillment start with us…meaning each individual. We have to feed ourselves first so that we can have energy to share with others.

We make the World better by starting with our own little corner of the Universe–by *minding our own business*. When we become better, we shine. And when we go out into the world and shine on others, THEY get better. It never works any other way.

These and the words below are the ones I live by. I’m sharing them with you because you did my the honor of joining my journey & becoming an Illuminaughty 🥰


☀️COMMANDMENT 1: Thou Shalt Shine☀️ 

Each of us has a divine right to be happy and fulfilled. And each of us has a responsibility to find what makes us happy and fulfilled – and to DO IT. Why? Because that’s the only way the world gets better. The thing that feels good to us at the deepest level always ends up serving us while putting positivity out into the world. Everyone has a Superpower, and by sharing it, we make ourselves happy while helping others in some way. And when we give to ourselves by doing what feels good at the deepest level, we increase our energy. Increasing our energy means we have more to put into what we love, and to share with others. . It’s important to understand that no one else can stop us from Shining. Only we can make that decision. It’s so easy to take cues from the world around us, and to feel like it’s not our place to “show off” or know what we’re good at – or to share what we’re good at. But that’s *precisely* “our place.” Hence, this is my first Commandment. . Choose to Shine. Choose it every day. Choose people and experiences that enhance and encourage your Shining. And watch how your life starts to Glow. 🌟

✨COMMANDMENT #2: See How Life Glows When We ALL Sparkle✨

So, you know the first Commandment: Thou Shalt Shine. And when you do, you give the people around you the chance to shine even brighter. Hence, the 2nd Commandment. We all feed off one another, and…you know that feeling when you’re with your favorite people & you’re all excited about something & it’s like, contagious and you all get the giggles or break out in dance or something? THAT’s what it’s like when we ALL Sparkle. A rising tide truly does lift all boats – and we each have the opportunity to be that tide 🌠

Don’t buy into the Scarcity Trap – don’t believe that if *You* feel awesome & powerful & lucious, that you take something away from others, or that you’ll make them feel bad by Being Your Best Self. Don’t believe that there isn’t enough (of *anything*) to go around. There is Enough. YOU are Enough. So Sparkle it up to the Max & share it w/the world. Some people may disappear, but others who are on your Level will show up to replace them – and your life will get the biggest #GlowUp you could ever imagine. 💖


✊🏽COMMANDMENT 3: Power & Femininity Intertwine. Honor It.✊🏽 

Femininity is an Energy that anyone can hold. It doesn’t belong only to Women, and it isn’t synonymous with Weakness. Feminine Power is the power to create and to heal, to hold space for those who are unable, to effortlessly give heart-centered help, to solve problems in unexpected ways, and to soothe others into changing their minds. Feminine Power has the ability to overcome the impossible and to sway situations and people with a blend of Strong and Gentle, and in my view is needed Now more than ever.


COMMANDMENT 4: Authenticity is Courage. Celebrate It.

Truly being Authentic can be difficult and profoundly scary. It doesn’t mean wearing your Inside on the Outside 100% of the time. It’s more about Being what’s real for you in the moment – of being aware of who you are and interacting with the world from that place of Awareness. Being Yourself is Courageous because it can often mean that you’re silently overcoming the fear of not pleasing others, that you’re choosing your Self over comfortable “safety.” And when you get past that fear, you find True Love – the kind you can only have for yourself. That, for certain, is cause for celebration.


COMMANDMENT 5: Allow the Pain, But Don’t Let it Own You💔

My Philosophy involves not letting your Emotions run your life. This doesn’t mean “controlling your feelings,” pushing them down or pretending. I don’t buy into the Toxic Positivity that shadows today’s social world. Life has it’s highs, lows, ebbs & flows – and we have to ride those with full engagement if we’re going to learn from the twists & turns. The trick is to feel all your feelings, but know when to take a step back – before they become an addiction.

Part of what makes the Human Condition so magical is our ability to feel Pain. It helps us connect w/ ourselves, to know what we don’t want so we can identify what we DO want. It helps us empathize w/ other people & creatures that share our wondrous planet. Without Pain, our experience would be incomplete. But you Can’t let it Own You. Pain is there to teach us – and sometimes to warn us. But it’s not the state we’re supposed to live in consistently. We’re here to experience Joy. Pain is just there for contrast. 💖


COMMANDMENT 6: Visit the Darkness, just don’t live there.

I’ve always been a little bit Goth and a little bit Raver – I could never decide between barfing rainbows or spewing thunderclouds on the world. I like the Darkness – it can be fun, and I like to hibernate and stew in my own mental juices for long stretches of time, sometimes. But just like the place you’ve lived in the longest or the friends you’ve had forever…you can be accustomed to things and never even question whether or not they’re good for you.

Sometimes it’s good and even necessary to hide away in the Darkness. It can help us replenish our energy until we’re ready for the World again. But it’s easy to fall into a pattern of hiding – and after a point it simply dimishes our Light until we can’t even find it anymore. So think of the Darkness as a daring getaway – a mysterious destination where your secrets are safe and you have the space you need to process whatever messy/divine/crazy/confusing feelings & experiences you’re having. And then come back home into the Light where you belong.


COMMANDMENT 7: Experience the Anger, but don’t become it.

You know that feeling when you could really just punch someone in the face? Or maybe you’re pacifist & you’ll beat up a stuffed animal – but you get the idea. That feeling serves you. Until it doesn’t. Anger is an *AMAZING* motivator. It can be a powerful force that helps us get unstuck in our worst of times. It’s a tool for us to know that our boundaries have been crossed or that there’s something we need to let go of because it no longer serves us.

Anger is an emotion we need to tune into & sit with until we understand what it’s trying to tell us. But then we need to let it go. Like the Sands running through my Hourglass, Anger needs a Timer. After it’s run its course as a signaling system, we need to let it recycle into the kind of energy that moves us forward with positive intention and clarity of mind. Else we run the risk of exploding our frustrations in all directions and simply creating more of what angered us in the first place.


COMMANDMENT 8: You Have All the Answers. Listen for Them.🎇

In a time when we’re bombarded with information & “shoulds,” it’s easy to look to external sources for guidance. But the reality is: anything you really need to know – those times when finding an answer is critical – that answer already exists inside of you. There’s a little voice inside that’s always talking to you, whether you hear it or not.

My belief is that the biggest part of The Work we do in life is to learn to identify that voice – to tell it apart from the noise that daily life creates – and to figure out how to hear it when we need it most.

Another way of saying all this is: Follow Your Heart 💖

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